Clearwater High School 1971 30th class reunion for 2001 --Welcome Classmates

tornado flash

1966-67 JFK Band -- See if you recognize anyone

Paul Vasconi's B-17

Mrs. Galbreath's Sixth Grade Class


  Al Gengler

  Kim Fontaine Bicknell

Jay Clark

Susan Bonham Zebolsk


Bev (Greiner) Lawrence 


Sheraton Sand Key

Class of '80

Class of '81

Class of '69

Class of '68

Class of '65

Class of '61



Patti Allbritton Chatleain    Patti Larsen Frankenfield

Allan Gengler                        Joel Huskey

Margo Jenkins Huskey         Debby Gauss Infinger

Bill Kessenich                       Pam Ruel Kessenich

Norman "Andy" Peterson      Suz Carter Priest

Gail Glackin Smith             Betsy Keenen Walker

Donna Phillips Wilson             Virginia Timberlake

Welcome to the Clearwater High School's 30th reunion page. Right now the renunion is planned for Friday, June 22, 2001 at the Sheraton Sand Key (pictured above). Don't forget!!! Thursday, June 21 at 7:30pm a get-together at Palm Pavilion located on North Clearwater Beach.

A CHS Reunion Band, formerly known as Peace Memorial/ Eleventh Hour Decision will be playing at the Palm Pavilion, Clearwater Beach on the weekend of June 15th 16th. Some people refer to them as garage bands of the late 60's early 70's. A group of us plan to get together on Saturday the 16th to start the reunion early; any one in town or arriving early from out of town is encouraged to come. The band includes our very own classmate Ralph Basnight as well as Brad Tremble (72), Billy Martin (73), Bill Daniel, Greg Pfieffer (72), Jeff Browder (72), Richard Radloff, Joh Tremble (68), Scott Dempster, Doug Henry, Bob and Bob Strickland (73). A little Santana, Allman Bros, & some top 40 tunes. Might just take ya back a few years.

Be there Thursday's from 8 to 11 p.m

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In memory of classmates who had died

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William Kessenich
Al Gengler
Marvin Siple
Lindh Hoierman
Hugh White
Wayne Williams
Elaine Martin Dodd
Even Culp
Rob Schwartz
Mike Ashcraft
Bill Lowrie
Glenn Perry
Gail Glackin Smith
Denise (Vandiver) Wilkinson
Anita (Beach) Sinclair
Ken Schick
Pete Spoto
Ben Harrill
Tom Sallen
Peggy (Follo) Schack
Terry Schmidt
Sharon (Sailer) Benson
Patti A. Chatleain
Gene Fleming
Janet Grace Kincaid Stephanie Gonzalez

John Webb
Rick Thompson
Cathy Zouves-Wrobel
James Short
Richard Riesdorph
Val (Bryder) Grajirena
Susan (Young) Higdon
Susan Bonham Zebolsky
Michael Kuypers
Pamela (DeVita) Wasserman
Ernie Ash
Pat Woodward McAuley
Dan Pawley
Mark and
Nancy (Sebek) Scott

Scott and Janet (Pedretty) Stevens
Tom Koubek
Michele Wemett
Barbara J. Schreiner
Mark A. Kerns
Bill Fleisher
Michael Walin
Richard Moore
Jane (Nehrenz) Shea
Chris Scholz
Ray Schmidt
David Lawrence
Joel Huskey
Mark Lapham
Nancy Fender
Brenda (Parsons) Schultz
Patti (Koch) Rackstein
Bob Welbon
David Buck
Rebecca Baroffio Easley
Mike Barbour
Joe Downing
Joyce Gidel
Leslie (Temple) Miedema
Kim McNamara
Richard W.Radloff
Cheryl (Weatherilt) Schoonderwoerd
Carl Hall
Mindy (Siegel) Barth
Chuck Callaghan
Fred Wilder
Harold Hartford
Patti Hughes Rondolino
Mark Yurchisin
Melody (Collier) Van Doren
Janis (Grant) Shovan
Tom Bowers
Paul Vasconi
Jan Bryder Bowers